Sport: The good war!

I’m here to remember the importance of one of Mankind’s greatest invention ever. To reclaim its rightful title.
In the sublime hierarchy of our accomplishments Fire, Wheel, Music and Internet are some of our general first toughts. Unfortunately we often forget this one;

Behold the onset of a new beggining. In the reign of Competition, War and Fight where destined to rule for eternity and Ares would be a unevitable epythome of our desire to crush difference and to force our supremacy into others.

Whereas animals compete and struggle to survive, often killing, Mankind channeled all this natural impetus into a fight between dignity and pride. No fatal victims.
Wars found their replacement on fields, and if the battle is inevitable may it shed no more blood. This accomplishment should be regarded as vital as our natural instinct to breed.

I believe that Sport can fuel various connections between people of different customs and beliefs who, by sharing a commitment to a common goal, may overcome possible stereotypes and preconceptions.

The importance of popular sports and its respective top players as role models of today’s society is ever more evident.

However, values such as work ethics, strength to overcome obstacles, ambition, objectivity and a behaviour that reflects both a healthy lifestyle and interior wellbeing are some of the qualities of our ‘New Champions’.

The undisputed kingdom of men is changing this paradigm. We no longer treasure those who shed blood to defend honor. We condemn it. Instead we glorify those who run faster, jump higher, go further, climb higher.

They have become an undisputable epythome of evolution.

Ask for an hero in the violent streets of Kingston. They will answer Usain Bolt. For a hero in the slums of Buenos Aires? Diego Armando Maradona. In the beautiful streets of Amsterdam? Teun de Nooijer.

Bernardo Fernandes

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