The multitasked coach Chris Faust

What is your current involvement with Hockey?

I am the manager of my home club Safo Frankfurt being involved in school hockey as a coach, coordinate coaches, management for more then 300 kids and 25 coaches. I am also involved in the senior teams, especially the men’s.

I am coach of the “Hessen” county boys u14 and u16 and also work in czech hockey as technical director and national coach. Lately I am involved in a children book project “die hockey-kids” that is about a school hockey project and we give now first part in sales and lready writing the second edition :-). I am the owner since 16 years hockey ago of a shop in Frankfurt (Germany) but i am not so involved in the daily business because of my other activities in coaching.

How did you get involved with Czech Hockey?

In 2003 I had a player from my club with czech roots that went after his high school 6 month to Prague and trained also hockey there and recommended one very good Czech player, we transfer him to my bundesliga team (highest division in Germany) back then, since that moment I am in touch with Czech hockey, many players come to germany and in 2010  I started with iwc poznam womens team and after that I just got more and more involved, since 2012 I am the national technical director… we work on 🙂

What is the current status of Czech Hockey? Strengths and weaknesses?

We try everyday to make gold from dust. We haven’t money, hockey isn’t famous in Czech Republic. Official we have 2500 players but O think it is around 900-1200 active athletes. It’s like 1,5 club in Hamburg…. we work on the structure and try to manage all, is better and better during the years but…we are fare away from the ‘normal’.

We can state the hockey worldwide is thriving in countries like Netherlands, Argentina, India, etc. What is in your opinion, the solution for hockey in countries like Czech Republic to grow?

Not easy, what I said before… We are much better in indoorhockey, because you don’t need so much good players… We are relatively good in international official compeditions, we can say that we are a B national level. Coaching education is also a problem, In Czech Republic we haven’t a system as in other countries like for example Germany…the money problem again, the status problem… Look, in Waterloo at u21 european championship we were in a pool against Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. Germany has around 85.000 players, Netherlands more than 250.000 and Belgium more than 30.000, we in Czech Republic have around 1000…you see the different. 🙂 but we are still there to compete!


Being around international hockey for a while and in different contexts, how do you see the future of the sport?

Difficult question… I am not happy with the FIH decisions about indoor hockey and also the hockey 5 outdoor. It’s a pity and kill our sport! But they are a lot of political decisions inside, special with the olympic program. I hope we come back to hockey 6 indoor soon and also the people at the important “chairs” decide for more stability  for our lovely sport!

You are going to be the coach of both Men’s and Women’s Czech Teams in the next World Cup Indoor in your homeland Germany? How are you going to do that?

With a good staff, good guys that I trust. I am “manager” of both teams and have a headcoach for woman and men, a kind of “backup” on the bench, and in the back a good team in analyses and also physio and doctor. My german friendss do this for me hand in hand with my czech physios and also in analyse is my australian friend John Hooper integrating our staff in Leipzig. All this structure allowes me to be calm….4 games per day are tough…we will see, but will be in shape!

What is the most beautiful moment of your career so far and what do you dream to accomplish?

I had a lot of it… Many many in czech Hockey especially in 2012 in Leipzig during a european to be able to stay in that competition and beat Ukraine we had a dramatic final score of 5:4 or when we beat the Dutch ladies in 2014 in Prague with a sensational 4:2. Also a some good moments in Germany but in the end I am also happy when my girls under 12 win a match. Hockey is Hockey!

Dream ? Olympic coach, for sure…we will see, in Czech Republic wil be difficult but never say no…

Chris Faust

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  1. cfuz says:

    I am looking at coming over to Europe to play hockey and am thinking about starting in Prague.
    Is there a Prague EHL hockey team or any sort of field hockey competition being run?

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