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The Fantastick is an innovative (patent pending) field hockeystick, especially developed for 4-7 year-old children. This hockey stick has been developed by Sportivation, together with amongst others Marc Lammers, former success coach of the Dutch women’s gold medal hockey team. At schools, out-of-school care and hockey clubs playing hockey with the Fantastick is more fun, easier and more challenging than with a regular hockeystick. Because the success experience is much higher with the Fantastick, it is an ideal stick for introducing children to hockey.

Stick with a smile

The basic grip in hockey is easier to teach through the special forms and signs of the Fantastick. The Fantastick also has a special dip ‘The Smile’ making dribbling easier. Unique to the Fantastick is the Dribble Grip. Made out of durable plastic it fits exactly on the Fantastick. The Dribble Grip can be attached to the Fantastick when practicing the Indian dribble. The Fantastick comes in several sizes, colours, designs and is made of glass fibre and carbon. The stick is manufactured in Pakistan and the Dribble Grip in The Netherlands.

The Fantastick is not just a product, it is a a learning tool, including instructions (movie) and exercises (clinic) that can be used to teach hockey in a fun way!

The introductory clinic focuses especially on your youngest youth members; 4-6 year old children. The clinic is run by professional trainers from ML Hockey Support.


Part of the proceeds of every sold Fantastick goes to Right to Play. In this way not only children in the Netherlands can play sports and play but also in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. For instance in Pakistan where these sticks are made.

The stick is sold in the Netherlands via de webshop, Nijha BV (for primary schools in The Netherlands) and via 6 special hockey shops in The Netherlands. Sportivation is looking at the moment for distributors in other countries.

Because the Fantastick is also an interesting product for older children and for the adapted hockey, Sportivation wants to develop Fantastick 2.0. Therefore Sportivation has started an equity crowdfunding campaign on the Symbid website that was successfull funded in only 9 days!! (

If you have questions or if you are interested to invest please contact Sportivation.

Dont’t forget to watch our Youtube movie here:

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