Die Hockey-Kids

Sabine Hahn Autorin Die Hockey-Kids Kinderbuch
A little book scores in the Hockey-World…

Watching all the new releases of kiddies’ books pile up on the library shelf day by day,
some of you may say, ‘Well, that’s just another one, so what?!’

That’s surely true but in relation to my little Hockey-Kids, I hope, you might not be as right as you think.
So let me give you a little insight into my world of writing, illustrating & loving children’s books… and of course Hockey 🙂

Why a book about Hockey?

It all began when my son started to play that exigent and attractive sport called Hockey.Hockey Kids Kinderbuch Band 1 Autorin Sabine Hahn Casimir Verlag

Like a lot of mums who have little boys without a huge interest in books, I had the ‘brilliant’ idea of buying my son a book about his hobby. But obviously, Germany is a football-playing country. So I didn’t find anything other than football- & non-fiction books, and I took the decision: I would write it myself…
Having joined the new parents’ team I began to have my own experiences on the Hockey field, beyond just observing my son’s training. That’s how my flimsy fundament of Hockey knowledge developed.

Time flew by without really launching into this giant project, until the day I crossed Chris Faust‘s path… I told him about my idea and that I would like to have somebody correcting me, for example, in relation to the rules, and that it would definitely be more fun working together.
We were both very excited by the idea of perhaps giving life to something in that minute,
that would be a first in Germany, and that could inspire lots of kids to become future Hockey players.

What’s the story about?

Lena, Max & Lars have been friends since kindergarten. They go to primary school, where
one day a new workshop is announced: Hockey!
The girl and the two slightly hesitant boys are quickly convinced they have found the
coolest workshop in school… Until Lena’s little brother Frederik, and Tom, the poser of the Football-Club, take part, too!
After that first “shock” and a lot of funny circumstances, an extraordinary friendship grows, changing the children from a turbulent crowd into a team the world hasn’t seen before…

For what age of reader is the book written?

The Hockey-Kids themselves go to primary school, andHockeysticks Die Hockey-Kids Autorin Sabine Hahn
that is also the recommended age for my readers. With Lena, the tough girl, and Max & Lars, the two boys, this book is written for girls as well as for boys – the first one in Germany, since other books are either for older girls or for older boys. However,.. my heartfelt wish is not only to reach little Hockey-players but also to lead all the other kids to discover and want to play Hockey. That would be great…

What does the Hockey-World think about it?

Since the first public step I took by creating http://www.facebook.com/TheHockeyKids and linking my publisher’s book-extract to give a first impression of my book, I have received message after message telling me how much people have liked my story and my illustrations. You can imagine how overwhelming it felt after having worked in ‘silence and
solitude’ on my book half a year 🙂
It didn’t take long until I was taken by another big surprise: Members of the Deutscher
Hockey Bund, the German Hockey Federation, offered me their support for my project.
Thus my amazing personal highlight will be participating at the Indoor Hockey World Cup
2015 in Leipzig, Germany next February. I will hold readings and have the opportunity to
present my little Hockey-Kids to Hockey-interested kiddies and parents…

Any plans for the future?

After the World Cup, Leipzig is waiting for another big event: The book fair, where I’ll hold agreat reading on March14th in the afternoon and surely others.
Autorin Sabine Hahn Die Hockey-Kids Kinderbuch WorkshopMeanwhile, I’m actually taking first notes for the second part of Die Hockey-Kids (the story is already in my mind). I’m leading Workshops at a primary school, where pupils learn to bind the loose sheets of the Hockey-Kids to create their own individual book, and I still have to illustrate two other books I wrote last year. Furthermore, I’m in contact with several Hockey clubs and primary-schools about more readings. A lot of friends are already waiting for the English version of the Hockey-Kids coming soon…
So there’s not really time for ennui at the moment, and my days should have 30 hours, but
who doesn’t know that problem? 🙂

Sabine Hahn Autorin KinderbĂĽcher Die Hockey KidsSabine Hahn created, wrote and illustrated Die Hockey-Kids and other children’s books like Der Sternschnuppen Wunschkalender and Henrys Zauberbusch. Also take a look at her little animated videos, handicraft downloads,… and learn more about the French/German multifaceted author at http://www.sabinehahn.net or become Fan at http://www.facebook.com/AutorinSabineHahn


Hockey Kids Kinderbuch Band 1 Autorin Sabine Hahn Casimir Verlag
Die Hockey-Kids, Das Abenteuer beginnt, Band 1
Author & Illustrator: Sabine Hahn
Hardcover, 14,50€
ISBN 978-3-94-0877-28-4
Available in bookshops, at http://www.casimir-verlag.de and http://www.hockeydirekt.de

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