Christopher Rühr, German ‘Wonderkid’

04 Germany - South Africa

When and why did you start playing hockey?

I started playing hockey when I was six years old, because my sisters and my brother played and so I probably just got into it.

Who was your hockey idol growing up?

I did not really have one idol to whom I looked up to. I admired the whole German Nationalteam, when I was younger.

Being still young, you have a lot of experience in international level. What makes a young player to perform in a good level at the highest level; What are the main differences between club and international competition?

I think the main reason for performing well at the highest level when you are young is that you do not have as much pressure at the beginning of your international career. You just play your game and everyone knows that you are young and you will probably get better within every match that you play. So the expectations are not too high.

The biggest difference between club and international hockey is the tempo the hockey is played in. International hockey is way faster and more competitive with more body contact than club hockey. At international tournaments, you play with and against the best hockey players on the planet and you can see that in every match.


The happiest and the saddest moment of your career?

Winning the Junior World Cup 2013 in India with an amazing team was an absolute highlight of my carreer.

Losing is always sad and losing finals is of course the hardest thing in sports, so I guess every loss in a final I played was really hard to experience, but it makes you stronger and even more happy when you win a title.

Most beautiful goal?

The 3:0 in the semifinal Germany vs. Netherlands at the Junior World Cup 2013 in New Delhi, India.

Recently you changed clubs, moving from the powerfull Uhlenhorst Mulheim to a club that wants to return to the highest stages again – Club an der Alster – What made you take that step?

You just said it. The club wants to return to the highest stages and I want to be part of that and help them to achieve their goals. This will probably take a few years and it is a very interesting progress with a very interesting and cool team.

Also it is 3 ½ hours away from my parents house and I wanted to develop personally and live my own life away from my parents, who support me incredibly in everything I do. Now I live alone and have to get my stuff sorted on my own, which is, of what I think, very important in the development of a personality.

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You are one of the best young players in the world having already won the FIH Talent of the Year 2013, putting a lot of training an preparation hours on your development as a top athlete. With a similar talent at your age in other sports like Football, Tennis, Golf, etc you would most probably be a multimillionaire at this moment. This thought ever crossed your mind?

Of course sometimes I think: well, there could be a little bit more focus on fieldhockey, because it is such a beautiful sport to play and to watch. But I play hockey, because I love the sport. I do not play to live of the outcome my whole life. It is a semi-professional sport and you have to keep an eye on your academic life as well, which is very interesting and makes it so special, too. I am glad that my sisters and brother started playing hockey, so that I had an easy entry in the business.

How it is Christopher Ruhr outside the hockey fields?

I am interested in nearly every kind of sport. I play Golf, I go skiing and snowboarding, I love to play Basketball or Football with my friends. And although I moved out from my parents house last summer, I am a domestic person. There are not many things better than spending time with my family.

After my career, my dream is it to be a doctor, that is why I want to study medicine.

Jan Christopher Rühr


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