Nikki Lloyd, the Scots barbie!

Hi, I’m Nikki, I’m a 28 year old female hockey player currently living around the London area. I play my club hockey for Canterbury and am fortunate enough to play for my country and have amounted 64 caps for Scotland… (Hopefully a lot more to come!)


So how did I start playing?

It was down to my older brother Bryn, He is three years older than me and I idolised him growing up. Anything he wanted to do I had to do as well. So when he started playing at our local club I did the same, the only problem was I hated it! As a 7 year old I disliked the early morning training and I distinctly recall it raining every Sunday morning! However my mother told me I had to stick it out for a season and I’m so glad I did. Half way through my first hockey season I realised that I could accelerate past the opposition and score goals – from then on I loved hockey!

Hockey has given me so much

Hockey has allowed me to study in America on a sports scholarship as well as travel all over the world. I have made some of my best friends through hockey as well as some of my favourite memories.

International Career

My received my first cap in May 2012 and have not missed a tournament since which is something I’m very proud of! I have represented Scotland in World League series, Champions Challenge, The European’s in Boom, The Commonwealth Games and in many test series. Words cannot describe the feeling you get when you stand out on the pitch with your team mates and sing your national anthem…I get chills every time.


At the moment we are preparing for the European tournament this August which is happening in London, we are heading off to Valencia this week for a 10 day warm weather training camp. This summer we have also received funding to train full time so I will be moving back up to Glasgow!

Anything else apart from hockey?

Hockey is a massive part of my life and I can’t imagine giving it up for anything. However sometimes I feel it is important to get away from something that is so competitive. During my time at university in America I obtained my degree in fine arts with a concentration in sculpture so when time permits (which isn’t often!) I like nothing more than to head off to an art gallery or draw in my sketch pad.



Name Nikki Lloyd

Nicknames Barbie, Malfoy, Lloydy

Position Forward/Midfield

Age 28

Current hockey club Canterbury Hockey Club

Number of international caps for Scotland so far 64

Favourite food Sushi

Favourite hockey memory it has to be walking out on the pitch at the Commonwealth Games and hearing the crowd. It still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up

Stick of choice has to be the Gryphon Samurai

If I wasn’t a hockey player I would be a golfer, I have a 7 handicap but gave it up to play hockey

My goals to compete in the European Championship this summer in London and to make it to the next Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast in 2018

Anything else… I love spending time with friends and family. The ‘occasional’ night out with the Canterbury hockey ladies.


Nikki Lloyd


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