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What is the story of Agustin Mazzilli?

My story is quite normal. I started playing hockey when I was 6 years old, but simultaneously I also played football and rugby. When I was 13 I definitely decided to play only hockey. I studied 2 years of economics after school but with this intense way of training and travelling with the national team I stopped. At this moment I’m taking hockey as my profession.

Why hockey and how was the beginning?

My father was also a hockey player so that was an easy beginning. Was really difficult to decide between rugby fotball and hockey becuase I enjoy a lot playing all this sports. But at the end the difference was the ambience and friends I made.

Who was your idol when you were growing up?

It is crazy that in my beginnings one of the player I always watch is now one of my teammates, Lucas Vila. For me he is one of the most skilful strikers in the world. Also Jamie Dwyer (I was lucky to play and learn more from him in the last 2 years during the HIL) that is the striker that can always make the difference and even thought he is not selfish.

Can you explain us a little bit of your career and how you end up in Royal Leopold in Belgium?

I started with the national team in 2009 in a tournament where we qualify to the World Cup 2010, after that WC I went to Leuven to play my first season in Europe. After the Olympics my teammate Lucas Rossi contact me about Royal Léopold and I went there for first time. Last year was my third season in Belgium and also my third Playoff but for the first time we played the final.

Championnat Messieurs Division Honneur Léopold-Antwerp
A. Mazzilli during Léopold-Antwerp

Royal Leopold went to the Belgium final this year but had a heavy defeat against Dragons. What is your overview of the season and what are reasons for such a defeat in the final?

We had a really young team this year. With a lot of future and potential but still young . Our goal was getting into the playoffs and try to achieve the ticket for EHL. When we beat such a big team as Waterloo Ducks we knew that we were going to play a very difficult game against Dragons. They have 7 top class players with a lot of experience in this type of matches. I think the result was completely deserved and with this we can see what are the things we need to improve if we really want to get the title in the coming period.

In the last years Belgian hockey has improved significantly regarding national team but also domestic competition. In your opinion, what are the main reasons for that development? Are players like you, other Argentinian and Spanish top players also responsible for this recent evolution?

I think everything matters. Not also the international players that come to Belgium but also the support of the clubs, sponsors and federation that are improving year per year everything to make hockey more professional and competitive.

Argentinian hockey players have always a good flair with the ball and outstanding technical dribbling skills. Why is that and how do you train it?

I really don’t know what to answer but I think is pretty the same as in football. It’s our way to play, we enjoy playing like this and I think that is one of the reason that really makes us different.

How would you describe yourself as player and your style in the field?

I think I’m a player that likes to combine with my teammates and don’t care between scoring the goal or making an assist. I want to improve every day!


You love to face the defenders on a 1X1 situation, who was the most difficult defender that you played against?

I like to face 1 against 1 but I hate to face my Argentinian teammate Matias Rey and Fergus Kavanagh (Australia). For me 2 of the best defenders in the world!

What do you feel when you play for Argentina?

I feel that I’m playing with my friends aside and that we have to fight really hard every game if we want to win them.

What is the current moment and objectives for the national team?

We have short term goals. The only one we have now is trying to beat Austria in our first game of the HWL2015

River Plate or Boca Juniors?

None!! LANUS is my football team. River and boca are not good! (hahahaha)

What brings the future inside and outside the pitch?

Inside I hope that lots of satisfaction and friends. Outside I would love to finish my career, find a nice work and enjoy more time with my family, friends and girlfriend without traveling so much.

Here’s a sneak peak of the fine work Mazzilli can display inside a hockey pitch:

Agustin Mazzilli



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