Marc ‘jugón’ Sallés

Olympics 2012, hockey, Marc Salles
Olympics 2012, hockey, Marc Salles

Who is Marc Salles?

I live in Matadepera, a small village next to Terrassa (Barcelona). I have studied business administration. Since very young I like to practice and discover more sports than hockey. I play golf, moto racing, skateboard, surf, snowboard and many more because I enjoy the feeling of getting better and the adrenaline you experience in some of them. I like to chill with my friends and play with my dog called Metal.

When and why did you start to play hockey?

When I was 5 years old there was summer camp where hockey and tennis were the main sports. I found tennis boring because of playing alone so I preferred to play hockey with my friends.


Who was your idol growing up?

Santi Freixa. And I had the honor to play with him at Atlètic Terrassa and National team.

How do you describe yourself as a player?

As a midfield I like to go forward and combine with my teammates. However as a midfielder I must defend and tackle back so I try to be fit. I always say that I rather make a good action and assist to the strikers than score.

What was like to grow up as a player and a person in Atlétic Terrassa? Can you tell us about the ‘spirit’ of the club?

I had an amazing youth where I have met a lot of friends. We won several championships and currently we have the honor of playing together with some of them at the first team. It’s difficult to explain what makes Atlètic Terrassa one of the best clubs… Maybe because we are a big family and fight for something bigger than our team. Besides we never think we have lost until the time says so. unnamed (4) Terrassa has been raising in the last 20 years some world class players coming up from their own youth? What makes this academy so special in your opinion?

Yes indeed. Firstly because it’s an old tradition, a lot of people have the hockey running through their veins and they are the 3rd or 4th generation, not my case though, I’m the 1st Sallés. Moreover children are at the same class with the opponents that will play against at the weekend. Therefore this rivalry boosts and enhances learning.

You had an experience abroad, playing in the Dutch club Oranje-Zwart. How was that experience for you? Differences between Spanish and Dutch mentality?

I had an amazing experience at OZ. I’ve met several good friends and the pleasure to play at the best league in the world. The hoofdklasse is very competitive, really physical and each team likes to go forward, hence there are larger scores. Spanish competition becomes more competitive every year, more clubs are closer to the top, there’s always more control, more midfield and strategy. When talking about the top 4 teams it’s difficult to see a 5-5 result.

Several Spanish top players are returning this year from Belgian and Dutch competition, some of them will become your teammates. What effect will this have in the competition and the Spanish hockey in general?

Yes, really good news for Atlètic Terrassa. We are willing to start all together and see how far we can go. Besides the average level of the competition will grow not only for these players but by the necessity to improve to reach this level. And hopefully the Spanish hockey raises their popularity.

Besides your childhood club in which other club would you like to play?

I would choose UHC in Germany because it’s a winning team and a big family like ATHC. unnamed (1) How do you see current situation of Spanish hockey? National Team?

Spanish hockey had glory years in the last decade, clubs had big budgets and international players arrived easily. Having the icing of the cake with the silver medal at Beijing 2008. Afterwards with the crisis severe cuts came and it was very difficult to remain on top. Currently the clubs have become smarter and are finding different ways to be competitive. National Team is plenty of young players and the new staff is willing to be back on top. From the federation we receive all the support needed and we all sail to the same direction.

Most special moments in your career?

My first championship with ATHC when we beat RC Polo at the 3rd match of the playoff. Of course another special moment was when I walked in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in London. unnamed Which teammate did you admire the most and the best opponent you played against?

It’s difficult to name just one teammate… at ATHC; Roc Oliva, at the National Team; Bosco Perez-Pla and at OZ my two ‘bros’; Sander Baart and Thomas Briels. The best opponent Teun de Nooijer or Tobias Hauke.

What would you like to ask to yourself?

What would you sacrifice to win a medal at Rio’16?! unnamed (3) Marc Sallés Esteve



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