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Everyone who has played hockey at some point has hit the ball as hard as they can, and this has left many players hands numb. Our hockey stick started as a way of reducing the harsh vibrations felt by all players, particularly in cold weather. Once we started to delve into manufacturingwe realised how much better hockey sticks really could really be.

The initial design was made by founder Evan Mackrill as a university project, this could have been all it ever was, but after countless phone calls and emails from professional players and coaches, as well as people who are just a fan of the game wanting to see the best possible stick; it was decided that the stick should go from just an idea to something real.


The first time we put the name Crown to our sticks was on, the crowd funding website, it was around this time that we decided to visit the Hockey world cup in Holland and speak to real players in person about what they wanted to see in a hockey stick. As well as revealing our initial prototype to players. The overwhelming feedback from the World Cup was that our stick must be light and strong. After initially exploring how hockey sticks are made in Pakistan for the other brands, we knew that there must have been a better way.

We made the most of the knowledge of experts here in England, where we are fortunate enough to have many of the companies that manufacture F1 car parts and started to work closely with them in order to see what improvements were possible compared to traditional methods and developed a way of making hockey sticks that is truly innovative.

Shortly after creating a Crown stick we began a tour of various clubs across the U.K. in an effort to get feedback on something we all felt was potentially ground-breaking. The feedback we obtained was remarkably positive and allowed us to make the final subtle tweaks to the Crown stick which gave rise to what we have today.


Our sticks major feature is our dimpled reverse side, which is from the initial design to reduce vibration by increasing the surface area in which vibrations can be dispersed over. More recently we have been able to add a fibre that is brand new to hockey, which is positioned on the hitting face. We are using it as it is even more wear resistant than Kevlar, which is a material commonly used to reduce the wear on the heel of hockey sticks.

Check the video here:

We are extremely proud of the product we have been able to produce and are currently looking to supply into the best stores all over the world. If you have a shop that you’d like to see us in email me at and be sure to find out more at and of course a huge thanks to Self-Pass for featuring us, we really appreciate the quality of their blog and the work they do in helping the average player find out a bit more about the sport they love.

Looking forward to what the future holds,

Matt.M @ Crown


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