Laurens Goedegebuure – ‘The Hall Gatekeeper’


Who is Laurens Goedegebuure?

I am a 28 year old goalkeeper for AHBC Amsterdam, father of 2 and an entrepreneur. I’m playing hockey since I was 5, started playing for my older brother his team. As his team did not have a keeper and I was always around (my father was their coach.)

Why goalkeeper?

I joined the team because they did not have a GK, but I wanted to play football. After being in goal, I never wanted anything else. Being part of a team and playing an important role in the game attracted me.

What makes a top goalkeeper?

Believe in your own capacities. Improve them when you can and never stop dreaming of becoming a better GK. When you have been given the chance of playing at the highest level do not stop improving. There is always room for improvement. I also think a top goalkeeper must be mentally strong. The chance of getting goals against is part of the game, you can make mistakes even but it’s the way you handle these moments that can make you a top goalkeeper.

What is your goalkeeper style?

My style can be described as what people say a Line Goalkeeper, that means I am good on the line, have good reflexes. I think most keepers are better close to the goal and staying up their feet when being shot at –  this will give you the most chance of blocking the shots.


Can you give a brief summary of your career?

I have run around town quite some time, I’ve played in the youth of Leiden, made my senior dedut on my 17th at HC Klein Zwitserland, moved after 5 years for a journey that eventually brought me to Amsterdam last year.
Amsterdam gave me the chance after I had some poor seasons at other clubs, they had faith in me and I want to thank them for this chance.

Indoor or outdoor?

Indoor hockey is an attribution to the outdoor game, it improves your basic skills and decision making once played at a good level. I started playing indoor hockey at Leiden, was attracted to the speed of the game and the fact that goalkeepers can take part of the game as an extra player even while being fully geared up with gk protection.

You were a key player in the last indoor world title, in a modality lately dominated by Germans, Austrians and Polish. How was that?

It’s easy to say that winning the world cup was a big surprise, when we won against the Germans and arrived back to the hotel some of the other teams that had just finished their tournament and stayed in the same hotel stood up and applauded for us. That was the first time we realised we were doing something extraordinary. We worked so hard since the previous World Cup in 2011 to achieve a medal in this years World Cup, and when that hard work is being awarded with the highest rank is just amazing. We kept believing in the qualities of the team.

Also I think some teams underestimated us, all players in our team play in the best league of the world and among players that are world’s best. When you put a team together that has gained indoor experience over the past years and combine that with a high skill level than we were definitely a team to be considered a title favourite before the tournament.

Indoor World Cup Leipzig 2015

What was the effect of that world championship in Dutch indoor hockey?

The reactions were great, we got many messages and attention from the national media. However there were some individuals that never played or achieved success at this indoor level that were a bit misplaced at that time. While we are finishing up the first part of our outdoor league most of the clubs are thinking about organizing their indoor season, what is great this season is that Teun Rohof, Robert Tigges and myself are organizing a lot of indoor trainings for young enthusiastic kids that want to learn for the best of the world. So I think our success last winter made indoor hockey cool.

While ago we had your Amsterdam teammate Justin Reid-Ross that is a penalty corner specialist describing how he prepares weekly for the shooting moment, how do you as goalkeeper prepare yourself for the penalty corners?

First of all I would like to say to Justin’s flick is one of the best in the world, training with him prepares you well enough for any opponent. Besides having corner sessions with the team I worked with Carel Roessingh (my keepertrainer). We have a good relationship and talk about a lot of things, in our weekly session on Friday morning we use the ball machine and try to simulate the corners from each opponent. Going through the most common targets of the opponent and improving my movement on each angle.

Your club (Amsterdam) had a stunning start this season showing an attacking superlative flow, what are the goals for the season?

We are indeed in a good start of the season, almost half way now and no defeat yet. Although we suffered a big loss when Justin got injured but we still remain on top of the table. Our goal is to win the Hoofdklasse and the Euro Hockey League, and while we are it we also want to win the Hoofdklasse Indoor and European Indoor cup B Division.


Plans and ambitions for the future?

I have just became father for the second time, so I’ll try to play hockey at this level for the coming years and combine that with my family life.

What would you like to ask to yourself?

At this time I do not have anything to ask for.

Laurens Goedegebuure


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