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Who is Viktor Lockwood ?

I am a sport lover. I love new technology and work on Web technology. When I am interested in a project I give 100% to succeed. I have an association FRENCH HOCKEY CONNECTION ( with my brother IGOR LOCKWOOD and a friend MATTHIAS DIERCKENS (French goalkeeper player, plays for Dragons in Belgium this year) who consists to give a training camp for a hockey kids and improve their skills.

Why fieldhockey?

That’s not common. My little brother IGOR LOCKWOOD who began fieldhockey at 4 years old and he loved so much. So during the summer my first club (LUC RONCHIN HOCKEY) organized a 1 week training camp and my sister MACHA LOCKWOOD and me started to get involved with this sport. And after all the familly started to play hockey.

Can your describe yourself as a player?

I like to dribble but at the same time I like use the space too. I have a little weakness for the reverse shot. I can play forward or defender. 
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How did you end up playing for the top Belgian club Waterloo Ducks?

At that time I played for Lille Metropole Hockey Club and in february 2014 the captain of Wat Ducks JOHN-JOHN DOHMEN sent me a message on facebook to ask me to come and play in Belgium for Waterloo Ducks. After a very good meeting with the coach, the president and some players I’ve been convinced that this was the right club for me to go on!

Can you tell us how is your life as a player for Waterloo Ducks?

I continue to live in France. There is approximately 1 hour drive from Lille so I drive 3 times a week with my friend Victor Charlet 
(who plays with me for France and Waterloo Ducks and lives in Lille too). The team is fantastic and the players are now friends of mine. The last year was difficult for me because I had surgical operation for my abductors in September but now it’s ok and I hope we will win the championship.

What is the current situation of hockey in France?

The hockey in France grow up since our result in the Junior World Cup in December 2013 (2nd) but we failed on the way to Rio 2016. It will be more and more difficult to get money for this minor sport in France.

Can French hockey follow the example and the growth of Belgian hockey?

Yes I think but for that we have to qualify for the Olympic Games. Otherwise our sport will be never recognized.

Is this the best generation of French player ever?

I don’t know if is the best generation of French player ever but it is a very very good generation and I believe so much in this team and players for the future (next World Cup and Tokyo 2020).

Indoor or Outdoor?

It’s a very difficult question because I enjoy both. But I would say that I could not live without one or the other. I need to practice Indoor hockey and Outdoor hockey during the season!

What are your goals either at the club level and with the national team?

With my club WATERLOO DUCKS it’s the Belgian title. In Indoor I play with my childhood club Luc Ronchin Hockey and the objective is the French title. But the main objective this year is the Belgian title of course! We have no competition in Outdoor with the national team because we are not qualified for RIO but we must continue to play together. And with a national team in Indoor we played a European Cup B in Porto in 15-17 january so the goal was to win the competition which sadly failed. Long term goals with national team are the World Cup in 2018 and Olympic Games in 2020.

Hockey idols?

In International : Carlos Nevado. In France : Fréderic Soyez, Mickael Kempf, Antoine Moreau, Ludovic Tissier. 

Most important moments of your career?

Obviously the Junior World Cup in Delhi 2013. The Univerdiades in Kazan 2013 with national team. And my first and only French title in Outdoor in 2012. There is the first selection with the national team in 2011 which is always a very special event.
Junior World Cup
JWC 2013: Spain – France

If you could improve hockey worldwide, what would you change ?

Indoor hockey becoming an olympic sport!

What brings your future inside and outside the field?

Inside : In Tokyo in 2020 with the national team and Belgian titles with Waterloo Ducks. Outside : I would like to create my business, I need a incredible idea so if someone has an idea for me I’m interested 🙂

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