Dylan Wotherspoon -Kookaburra’s Young Gun


Who is Dylan Wotherspoon?

22 Years old
23 caps
6 Goals
Australia Men’s Hockey team (Kookaburras)
Number 26

When and why did you start playing hockey?

Started playing at a young age of 4

How was your career until you reached the kookaburras?

Probably similar to a lot of people you go through a lot of ups and downs but when you finally make it then you realise it’s all worth it.

Everyone respects the powerful and competitive attitude that Australia shows on the field, can you tell us about that mentality and something about the training regime?

Well you said it, Australians are very competitive and we like to leave everything out on the field. No one likes coming off the field and having the feeling as if you haven’t done everything you can.

We like to train the way we play. Plus when we are training we don’t take it easy on each other.

What are your individual expectations regarding the Games in Rio?

Just the whole enjoyment of being at the Olympics playing against the Top Teams in the World and the whole Olympic Games atmosphere and culture.


Would you consider to play in Europe in a near future?

Yes I would like to play in Europe.

Who is in your opinion the best player in the world?

Jamie Dwyer would still be up with the best.

The most difficult opponent in your career?

The Germans, 2x Olympic Champions and are a quality team. But all international teams are hard to beat. It’s never easy.

What are your ambitions inside and outside the field?

On the field would be to become one of the best Kookaburras strikers.

Then outside I would like to complete the Construction Management course then hopefully one day start my own company.

Who would you like to see interviewed by self-pass?

Robert Kemperman


Dylan Wotherspoon



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