Bosco ‘Bossy’ Pérez-Pla


Who is Bosco Pérez-Pla?

Bosco is an Spanish international player with 110 caps that is training hard to achieve his dream, play the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. Actually, Im back in Madrid playing for my home club, Club de Campo, after 2 amazing years at HGC playing the dutch league, the best league of the world.

How did hockey start in your life?

I started when I was 5 years old. My moms family have hockey in their veins. My uncle, Jonas Alvear, played 2 Olympic Games; Tokio 1964 and Mexico 1968. All my brothers have played hockey since we were kids. Actually I’m the only one that keeps playing but they follow me everywhere I go.

The most difficult opponent in your career?

As a team, Australia by far. The high press, the intensity and speed makes them really dangerous. You don’t have a breath in the whole game. I admire their philosophy.


Who are or were your idols growing up?

When I was young I’ve admired Rodrigo Garza. I had the great luck to play with him at Club de Campo and in the National team. Nowadays, I really like Robert Van der Horst, he makes hockey look so easy…

What are your goals either at a club level and with your national team?

At a club level, win the Spanish league. Never in the history a non catalan team has won the league. Is time to change the history. I have lost 4 finals in the last 7 years, so before I quit hockey I have to win a league with Club de Campo.
With the national team, play my first Olympics, is the only big tournament missing, that would mean achieving my dream, and being ambitious, win a medal in Rio.

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How was to play in HGC?

By far, the best experience and decision in my life. HGC is a small family, I have learned a lot, played my best hockey and have made friends for life.

You have expectations to play again outside of Spain?

Not anymore, but if I would decide to play again abroad, HGC is my only option.

What is the current situation of hockey in Spain?

Hockey is a really small sport in Spain with only 9000 members playing our great sport. The economic situation is not the ideal but even with these problems, we have great senior and young players that compete in all their international competitions.
The Top 4 teams in the league, RC Polo, Egara, Atletic Terrassa and Club de Campo, compete every EHL for the Final Four, so we have to be proud of it.

Wishes for the future?

Play my first Olympics in Rio, and looking a bit further, have a kid soon, jump him on the field after my games and play with him/her.

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Who would you like to see interviewed by Self-Pass?

Phil Burrows or Shea McAleese, kiwi legends and great friends!!

Funny moment in the club or national team?

Buff… Funny moments, every day! First one that pops up on my mind is in 2004, we won with Club de Campo de King Cup against Egara in Terrassa. We returned by plane and waiting for our bags, he jumped to the baggage carousel singing with the trophy and he was arrested by the police. We have a really funny pic of that moment!!!

Bosco Pérez-Pla ‘Bossy’


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