Mats ‘MG0’ Grambusch

BUENOS AIRES – Hock World League Semi Final Men 23 GER v KOR (QF 2) 2-0 Germany wins and goes to the half final Foto: Mats Grambusch FFU PRESS AGENCY COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Who is Mats Grambusch?

I’m 23 years old, played for 3 different clubs (Gladbacher HTC, East Grinstead and Rot-Weiß-Köln) and I’m studying business studies at Uni Cologne.

Why field hockey?

Because of my parents I was pretty much born into a hockey club in Mönchengladbach. So when I was 3 years old started playing hockey and ever since..I guess I never got rid off it…

Can you describe yourself as a player?

I think you could tell once you have seen me playing. I’m seriously not a good defender, so my “comfort zone” is further up the pitch towards the opponent area.

EuroHockey 2014
LONDON – Unibet EuroHockey Championships men 20 NED v GER (Gold Medal Match) The Netherlands European Champion Foto: Mats Grambusch. WSP COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

How does it feel to be captain of the team Rot Weiss Koln so young and with more experienced players around?

First of all I have to say that Philip Zeller is our captain and whenever he is out due to an injury or a break I am in “charge”. But to be honest it doesn’t really matter whether you’re captain or not. You got to do the same job as you always do and in my opinion you shouldn’t change just because you wear the armband. The older players – or lets say the more experienced players – are very important to me and to all the other “young guns”. Their input is (as Christopher Rühr would say) “major key”.

Wich teammate did you admire the most and the best opponent you played against?

The teammate I admire the most still plays in the same team as I do. Chrissi Menke is the one. Probably because we are from the same “home-town-club” and when I was a child he was the one to admire. I’m very happy that he is back in the cologne-squad after a 6 months break due to work, naming the best opponent is very hard, there are so many awesome hockey players. This season it will probably be Florian Fuchs and Sander de Wijn. (By the way I have only played 3 matches this season. Twice against UHC Hamburg and once against Kampong. 😉 )

How is Germany preparing for Rio? What are your expectations?

We already had some really good training camps with Germany, especially the one in Cape Town was very helpful. I think in general we are on the right track. I’ts too early though to talk about expectations, we are still in a preparation phase and haven’t actually talked about our aim.

Most special moments in your career?

A very special moment was the victory in the European championship final against Belgium in 2013. It was my first big tournament with the “Honamas” and we won it straight away, therefore it will always be a special thought to me. In the same year we won the Junior World Cup in India and even though it was “only just” a Junior World Cup it meant a lot to me. The team we had back then was just great. Not just on but also off the field. In club history: Getting promoted into the Bundesliga with Gladbacher HTC and winning the Bundesliga with Rot-Weiß Köln are my biggest moments.

What brings the future?

Well this year is all about the Olympic Games, I don’t spend too much time thinking about the future beyond that big adventure in Rio.

A funny story?

Way too many funny things and I cant point out one particular thing. I mean that is the actual reason what makes Hockey so special.

BUENOS AIRES – Hock World League Semi Final Men 23 GER v KOR (QF 2) 2-0 Germany wins and goes to the half final Foto: Mats Grambusch watch the bal FFU PRESS AGENCY COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK



Mats Grambusch


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