Timm Herzbruch – The new Kaiser


Who is Timm Herzbruch?

I am an eighteen-year-old hockey player and business student from Mülheim, Germany. I currently play for my local club team Uhlenhorst Mülheim as well as the German men’s national team.

When and why did you start playing hockey?

Because all of my family members had played previously I started my own hockey career at the age of three.


Can you describe yourself as a player?

I am an offensive orientated player. My biggest strength is acceleration which paired with a developed skill set helps me getting past and even creating shot opportunities.

How do you feel reaching the national team being so young?

I am very happy to be part of the German men’s squad and thrilled about playing against top international teams.

What are your goals at  national team?

I personally aim at being a part of the Olympic team playing in Rio this summer. A specific goal for the national team has not been defined yet.

What were the most special moments of your career?

The major accomplishments in my career were winning the Men’s Indoor National Championship (2016) and the EuroHockey Indoor Club Championship (2015) with my club team as well as the European Indoor Championship 2016 in Prague and the 3rd place in World Indoor Championship 2015 in Leipzig  with the national team. Another exceptional moment was my first game as a member of the national team.


Wishes for future?

Looking ahead, I want to stay healthy and continue to succeed on a national and international level.

Anything you would change in our sport?

I feel like hockey has become increasingly attractive over the last couple of years due to the implementation of new rules, such as the self-pass policy. However, hockey on a global scale has to gain further media attraction in order to inspire those, that not yet are affected by the sport.

Timm Herbruch


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