Kieran ‘KIZZA’ Govers


Who is Kieran Govers?

28 year old, laid back nice guy! Loves life and enjoys a good laugh with the mates.

Can you describe yourself as a player?

Hard working, dedicated, always give 100%, mentor and role model

How did you end up playing for the Dutch team HC Den Bosch?

In 2012 I was looking at going overseas to play after the Olympics and with rules in different countries and our rules in Australia, Netherlands is the only place we can play. So I was talking to a few clubs and then Glenn Turner signed for DB and they asked who else he wanted to come with him and he said my name so then I started communications with DB and that is how it ended up!

Picture: Sharon Smith Hockey brothers Blake and Kieran Govers are getting ready for the Olympics.. Sharon Smith The West Australian Newspaper

Your brother, Blake Govers will join in one of the best Dutch teams HC Bloomendal, how do you see that?

It will be very good for his hockey and very good for Bloemendaal.
He was suppose to join me at DB but at the time he couldn’t as he had Junior World Cup with Australia and then things changed and this opportunity opened for him.

How was your career until reaching the kookaburras?

I had a really good junior career. I played all the state teams growing up in NSW then I had 4 years in the U/21’s Australian Team.

Expectations for the Rio?

We are always hoping to win the Olympics as a lot of teams are. I think we just need to focus on ourselves and play the best we can. We need to focus on the process not the outcome.

Which teammate did you admire the most and the best opponent you played against?

I admire a lot of players but the most would be Mark Knowles or Jamie Dwyer. Robert Kemperman or Sander De Wijn would be the best at the moment I play against.

Do you have any funny story in the national team you would like to share?

At the 2010 World Cup myself and Glenn Turner were rooming together and every night we would watch an episode of Dexter. One night ‘GT’ woke up screaming and shouting so I got up and clinched my fist ready to swing as I thought someone was hurting him, then he turned on the light and realized we nearly had a fight because he was screaming due to a nightmare!

El australiano Kieran Govers pelea la bola durante la semifinal de hockey sobre pasto. EFE/Andrew Gombert

You are one of the best players in the game, what is your message to the young players?

Just to keep things simple. don’t over complicate things.
I pride myself on trying to have the best basics in the world, I’m not the most skillful and never will be but if I can be my best in other areas that is all I need to do and hope people can see that and want to be like me!


Kizza, Govna, kangaroo ( from my DB team mates).

Kieran Ian Govers


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