Valentin ‘Vali’ Verga


Who is Valentin Verga?

Valentin Verga is a fieldhockey player who was born in Buenos Aires and fell in love with the beautiful sport named hockey.

How would you describe yourself as player?

I’m a creative midfielder/ striker who enjoy having fun with the ball, but doesn’t like to defend (haha).

You think that your Argentinian blood and roots shape the kind of player do you are?

Yes, I have learn to be passionate about sport, my parents told me always to give %200 and to enjoy myself all the time!

What are your individual expectations regarding the games in Rio?

Well, first I hope to make the first 16 players who are going to fight for the golden medal, and if I make the team I hope it’s going to be a crazy experience as it was in London 2012!

How do you going to prepare the Games in Rio?

I’m training 8 times a week with Amsterdam, the national team and by myself, so I’m trying to still fit and developed myself on my weak points to be at my best in RIO.


Most special moments of your career?

The most special moment has to be the semi final against GB at the Olympics in London, it was so crazy to be there, everything went perfect and after the game I realized that we won a Medal at the Olympics so it was very emotional for me, my friends and my family!

If you could improve hockey worldwide , what would you change?

I would go back to 70 minutes of hockey! I thinks its bullshit (sorry for the language haha) that we are playing shorter games!

Who is in your opinion the best player in the world?

I have played against and with unbelievable players, but if I have to name one, it will be Teun de Nooijer. If you see him playing hockey looks so easy. The problem is when you try what he is doing…. It is very difficult.

What brings your future inside and outside the field?

I would love to play till my 80 haha but my body will stop me… so I’m studying Psychologies  in Amsterdam, but not sure what I will do in the future.
I dream of a chill bar with Argentinian Parilla ( that’s kind of a BBQ but much better haha) in Amsterdam! I will name it ‘Valis Place’.


Funny moment at the club or in the national team?

Funny moments they are a lot to tell, haha but if I have to choose one, it will be at the opening ceremony of London Games where I was standing with Billy Bakker and when the athletes of USA walked by us I started to do a very stupid American basketball gangster accent and saying: Whatssss uppp LEBRON…. Kobe my boy whatsup  because I Felt one of the boys! Everybody was thinking what’s wrong with this guy hhaha.

Valentin Verga


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