A real Dutch coach: Sjoerd Marijne


Who is Sjoerd Marijne?

I have been 10 years player in the first team of Den Bosch and have been 14 year coach of several teams. Besides that I have a family with 4 children and a company called ML Hockey Support what I am doing together with Raoul Ehren (coach of Den Bosch ladies).  We have the dream to let every child reach their potential at any level. We always say; you can more then you think!

What is your story in hockey?

I have worked 14 years for the Dutch Federation and 12 year as a coach in the hoofdklasse. For the Dutch federation I have worked for all teams as a head coach and my last job was the National women team. I have a passion about helping players and staff reaching their potential at the highest level.

Can you tell us about your player career and coaching career?

I was an average player but I know what my job was and did it with passion. By playing with better players as Jeroen Delmee, Ronald Jansen, Marc Lammer, Piet-Hein Geeris made me a better player. I always watched them what me helped develop as a player and as a coach. These experiences helped me in the following years with coaching teams. Besides this I was asked in 2007 by Maurits Hendriks to help him training the men of Spain to the Olympics in Beijing. They become 2nd after the Germans.

In the 14 years I am coaching I am very lucky that I experienced so much International matches what helped me develop my coaching of teams.

Who were the best players that you have worked with?

I was lucky that I worked with a lot of talented players but I enjoyed the most the players who were always busy to become better. Jeroen Delmee and Santi Freixa are big examples of this.


What are your future plans and ambitions?

On this moment I want to use all my experiences on international level.That’s why I  am open for international opportunities because that’s were my ambition is. Besides this I want to let my company grow national and international because there is a lot of work what have to be done because every child deserves a good training session.

What are you currently doing?

Busy with Hockey Support with our hockey schools, hockey camps and tours for international teams and school sin Holland. We want to let them feel the experience what its like to train with one of our trainers.

Most special moments in your career?

Becoming world champion with the under 21 girls of Netherland in Boston. Becoming twice National champion as a player and win the Europacup 1 in Barcelona.

What would you change in our sport?

Not more then 7 defenders in your own 25

What would you like to ask to whom?

Rick Charlesworth.  I was wondering if you like your retirement? How do you feel watching the Olympics?

Anything you would like to share with our readers?

I want to thank all the readers liking our Facebook of ML Hockey Support. We got a lot of energy from all the reactions.

Sjoerd Marijne


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