FHAnalytics – Field Hockey Analytics

It all started one day when one of the application co-creator got tired of managing game statistics through spreadsheets, week after week, month after month.

One of the goals of the FHA application is to help coaching staffs in their decision making process by streamlining the use of statistics from their own games as well as the opponents’.

The most recent added features are the automatic import of Hudl GameBreaker timelines directly into the application, using our FHA coding window template (see screenshot below),  and Polar heart rate data import (Polar Team and polarpersonaltrainer.com formats).

On top of games statistics, FHA also allows you to manage your roster’s training attendances, fitness and S&C tests results, and each player’s statistics in order to make informed decisions and strive for success.

If you’re interested in trying the beta version of the web application, please visit https://xsa.typeform.com/to/wCBOes and register yourself!


Xavier Santolaria

Field Hockey Coaching & Performance Analysis
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