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Today at Self Pass we proudly present the première launch of GRIPP Sports Management, the movie! Exclusively shown on our website

The story behing GRIPP

Who is Bart Gielen?

I am the former manager of MHC MEP (Boxtel) and MHC Oranje Zwart (Eindhoven) 1st mens team. I live and was born in Boxtel, growing up as a soccer player in a generation of great hockey players like Piet Hein Geeris, Hugo van Gent, Jeroen Delmee and Sander van de Weide.

In my first year as an unexperienced manager, I started with headcoach Eric Verboom in the hoofdklasse, because MHC MEP won the championship of the second division (Overgangsklasse) the year before.

As you might have noticed by the name dropping, even as a soccer player, growing up in Boxtel it was not possible not to get in touch with hockey 😉

I still live in Boxtel with my girlfriend and two sons.


Who is Tommie van Alphen?

Hi, my name is Tommie van Alphen and I love the combination of sports & commerce. Besides my responsibilities at GRIPP Sports Management I am working in a commercial position for the professional football organization FC Den Bosch. During my study I worked for football club RKC Waalwijk.

I like to play soccer myself and stay up to date with all kinds of sport. Through my best friend Jelle Galema I got involved in hockey (although I started as a hockey player with MHC MEP when I was eight years old). As a soccer player I sometimes look with jealousy at the awesome technological developments in the hockey world!

In my position at GRIPP Sports Management, I would like to support the athletes of GRIPP in exploring the commercial opportunities!

What is GRIPP Sports Management

Tommie and Bart found eachother in their shared passion for sports. And after helping out their friends Jelle (Galema red.) and Mink (van der Weerden red.) with contracts and sponsoring, more players asked if they could provide them services.

From that point on their agency grew and resulted in the official launch of GRIPP Sports Management, an athlete management agency. Today they represent 16 athletes and are rapidly growing.

The services they provide are;

  • Contractual support
  • Commercial support
  • Personal support
  • Career planning

Feel free to contact them:


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