John-John ‘box-to-box’ Dohmen

FIH Men's Hero Hockey Champions Trophy 2016 - Day Three
Who is John-John Dohmen?

I’m the captain of the Belgian National Hockey team and silver medalist at the Olympics in Rio2016. I’m studying osteopathy and I started my own business recently. I created a new cap brand named CAP10.

When and why did you start playing hockey?

I started when I was 5 years old in Léopold Club in Brussels. All my family was playing hockey so it’s a family story like often in our sport.

Hockey - Olympics: Day 9

Can you describe yourself as a player?

I’m a fighter. I always work very hard on the field for my team. My main qualities are basic skills, tactical and mental. I often score decisive goals at the end of the match.

Rio 2016, silver medal, can you describe this moments?

It was my best hockey moment ever. Especially the semi-final against Holland when we were sure to get the medal. This medal means a lot for me. It is the reward for 12 years of hard work and believe.

What brings now the future with the Red Lions now?

The future of the red lions looks bright! We have a very talented team. We are young and improving a lot. I think that we will win big tournaments in the future.

What are your ambitions inside and outside the field?

I’m very ambitious for everything. I’m finishing my studies and in the same time I play a lot of hockey of course. I’m investing a lot of energy in everything I do! I want to become Belgian champion again and to win a big tournaments with the Red Lions.
Outside I’m looking for being an osteopath next year and to make my cap brand growing.

31st Rio 2016 Olympics / Hockey : BEL - ARG Men's Gold Medal Match

Special moments in your career?

I have a lot. But my first special moment was the qualification for the 2008 Olympics against the world champions Germany with my team of amateurs. It was a magic moment.

Who is in your opinion the best player in the world?

It depends of many things. In my point of view the best player is the one who makes the others better and who can make the difference at the right moment. I can name a lot of players but I would say Moritz Fuerste, Robert van Der Horst and Arthur van Doren.

As a goalkeeper, V. Vanasch is the best in the world.

Hockey Idols?

Not really. When I was young I didn’t know who were the best players, even in my country. When I was young It was an advantage to  play against them without any fear. Today I know every players of every teams and it’s also an advantage.

Funny story in club or national team?

During Rio Olympics we almost never played against Australia because our bus was completely lost. We arrived just in time for a short warming up and then we did a great game to win.

Do you have a nickname?

During my long career I received a lot of nicknames. At the moment everybody is calling me “Jean” or “Jean2” which is the French translation for John or John-John.

John-John Dohmen


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