Jelle ‘Kali’ Galema


Who is Jelle Galema?

Jelle Galema is a Dutch striker, 24 years old, playing for Oranje Rood and for the Dutch team (47 caps). Currently living in Boxtel, born in Den Bosch on the 11 of November, 1992. 3x Dutch champion, one time EHL champion, third place European Championship in Boon 2013 and second place in World Cup in The Hague 2014.

When and why did you start playing hockey?

I start to play hockey when I was 6 years old. Before I started my parents decided that I had to get my swimming certificate.The trouble was that I wanted but this is not quite it was really else I could not play hockey

Can you describe yourself as a player?

I’m not a typical Dutch striker, the most of my teammates are really technical like you self-pass guys 😉. My style is a bit more heavy, I’m fast and use my body to play. As a striker I always look for the dive and try to hit immediately and stay at the second post for the dirty goals. At the end, I don’t really care how I score them… Just want goals.
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Toughest defenders to play against?

I hate to play against Glenn Schuurman and Martin Haner. Glenn is not a typical Dutch defender but a really strong ” beast” when you past him he always comes back with a second tackle. And about Martin, he’s like a mosquito, always next to you everywhere on the pitch.

What are your goals either at a club level and with the national team?

My future goal with the national team is to play Tokio 2020 and become ‘the golden champion’. With our club is the goal to reach the domestic league play-offs and the final four of the EHL.
I think the goals are very realistic!

Most special moments of your career?

To play the world cup 2014 at The Hague in front of 16.000 crazy Dutch spectators. I remember the game in our poule vs Germany, they had to win and we had to win for the number 1 spot, at the end we won 2-1 and the stadium went crazy like hell.
We lost the final against the Aussies but for me the tournament was by far my most inspired tournament.

Hockey idols?

I don’t have a hockey idol, I prefer football 😉. My idol is Zlatan, he doesn’t give a s*** about what everybody is saying and is always trying to be a better player, even now being one of the oldest. He inspire me every weekend!


I have a few nicknames but the most of my friends call me ” Kali”, I can’t explain why I got that nickname but I like it!

Jelle Galema


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