Tobias ‘The Composer’ Hauke

FIH Men's Hero Hockey Champions Trophy 2016 - Day Five

Who is Tobias Hauke?

Tobias Hauke is a 29 years old Hockey player. He was born on the 11.September 1987 in Hamburg. He is playing Hockey since 1990 at the HTHC- leaved just for 2 years (2008-2010) to Cologne (Rot-Weiss Koln).

Why did you decide to go for hockey?

My familie is a Hockeyfamily, my older sisters and my mother are all Hockey players as well and the took my to the field.

Can you give us a summary about your career, and what were the ups and downs?

I started my international career in 2003 at the U16 Nationalteam. Since the i played 302 caps fort he senior team.

  • 2008 and 2012 Olympic Champion
  • 2011 and 2013 European Champion
  • 2010 2nd Worldcup
  • 2014 6th Worldcup
  • 2007 and 2011 Indoor World Champion
  • 2012 Indoor European Champion
  • 6 Times German Champion
  • 2010 – FIH Rising Star oft he Year
  • 2013- FIH Player oft he Year

How would you describe yourself as a player?

I really dont like to speak about myself, therefore normaly you have to ask other players about me. But I think I am a player who can read the game and can decide the speed of my team. I Also like the self-pass and the situation you can create if you think faster than your opponent.


We imagine that a player with your quality already had a couple of good offers to move to another club. Why your dedication and loyalty to HTHC?

I was born in this club. All my friends are playing together with me and this club gave me so many good moments… So I really want to give everything for this club. We are a familar club and I love the athmosphere here. It always feels like home if you are in the Clubhouse and talked to club kids, friends and fans.
I would say the HTHC is a big family and I feel a part of it.

Besides hockey you work professional in the football world being the manager of the German top club HSV (Hamburg). How did that happened and how do the 2 different sports cross paths in your life?

I work for the HSV since 4 years. Until last month I worked for the media team and now I moved to the Team managment. The club asked me if I would be interested in this job and I said: Yes!


What is the current hockey situation in Germany?

I think the league is quite good and balanced in Germany at the moment but there is capacity to make the sport more popular.

Although the sport grown up a lot the last 10 years in Germany, hopefully we can go this way further in the future.

What are your future plans, goals and ambitions?

I am living in the moment and try to enjoy every day. So I don’t have really plan.
Hopefully I can play Hockey for a long time and stay healthy.

Who were your idols or inspirations along the way?

I don’t had really idols but I always looked up to Christian “Büdi” Blunck, Waseem , Teun de Noijer.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Both. It’s the perfect balance in Germany – I am always looking forward to play indoor after a 9 month break. But after 2 months I also look forward to come back to outdoors.

How would you like to see our sport in the future?

Our sport needs big events. Let the sport keep traditional yet fast paced as it is at the moment. But we need more Events and need to catch more people for this brillant sport. Hockey has to stay a Olympic Sport!


Who would you like to see interviewed by self-pass?

Dirk Nowitzki (get some news from other sports) or Christoph Bechmann.

Tobias Hauke


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