Thanks 2016, Hey 2017!


Last days of December and also for self-pass it’s time to make a retrospective of 2016…
Damn… What a year!

In 2016, if you care about Hockey, you heard or saw something about self-pass.

Looking back, there are some feelings that come up; achievement, inspiration, education, show and the list could go on and on.
This was the year where self-pass became the most influential hockey platform in the world. Given the massive impact of our content, but mostly the overwhelming feedback from so many people worldwide. Literally from Tonga to Poland, from Argentina to Australia, from Rwanda to China…


We developed our content and the way we communicate closely with fans by providing original and diversified content in a daily basis. It is stuff that matters to people that are already involved with the sport, but also stories, photos or videos that hopefully can express the originality and beauty of our game.

  • We aim to make the existing community prouder and more aware of our game and its stars.
  • We try to reach anonymous/non-hockey people and get them interested about our sport.

Why can’t hockey become one of the best and most popular sports worldwide?

That is our desire and we are 100% convicted that this is possible.

This text, more than a self-promotional attempt, aims just to be an honest expression of fulfilment about what we achieved and a sign of gratefulness to everyone that collaborated, contacted and supported us during the past months.

To all our fans and supporters that made 2016 such an unforgettable year: THANK YOU!

Next destination: 2017

Wishes for self-pass

Regarding 2017, it looks like we will have an exciting year ahead with a lot of online and offline projects to look forward.
In some weeks, and after so many requests from everywhere, we will start selling online some merchandising and innovative products.


We will be present in some major events, making some live performances and to be in personal contacts with our followers.
We have also already scheduled some clinics where we will provide ‘inspiring hockey education’ to the children attending. Here, we will teach the children how to use and to develop extreme skills and also about creative environments for trainers and players.

Wishes for world hockey

Hopefully governing organizations, with their new competition agenda, can finally understand that International hockey should not be so heavy for players and domestic competitions.

Marketing and communication departments need to realize that it is important to boost club/daily hockey, in order to make the sport financially more sustainable and more popular.

How can we create Icons, if we only see them once a year during international competitions?

In developed hockey countries, ‘leisure’ club members pay directly or indirectly the costs of the high-performance teams, isn’t that wrong?

It is important that clubs and competition governing bodies start to think about more sustainable ways to create revenues. The opportunities are there; ticketing, catering, merchandising, monetized social media content, events, etc.
For instance, several European clubs have ‘stadium stands’ that represent huge investments but don’t charge attendance tickets to the matches.


Most important, is the realization that we live in a period that will be decisive for the transition of hockey from that ‘exotic’ game that has the spotlight every four years during the Olympics to a massive, vital, innovative, original, and pioneer sport played in every corner in the world!

self-pass Crew


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