Constantijn ‘Conny-G’ Jonker


Who is Constantijn Jonker?

A field hockey player who has played for SV Kampong for his whole life

How did hockey start in your life?

My brother played at SV Kampong in Jongens D1 (U12). As a young spectator I was always around. From the first moment on I liked football more than hockey (and I guess I still do), but after the first training I did prefer the ‘hockey environment’.

How could you describe yourself as a player?

A typical striker who likes scoring goals. I try to be a target man in our build up and find it hard to be satisfied with a goal-less match.

What are your goals either at a club level and with your national team?

My goal at club level is very simple: wint the Dutch Hoofdklasse. Last years EHL was a dream come true, but a Dutch title would be even better, to be honest.
My goal with the national team was an olympic title in Rio. Unfortunately that never happened.

Most special moments of your career?

I would have to choose between winning the EHL and the European Championship in London, or playing the World Cup in The Hague.

The most difficult opponent in your career? 

That would be my clubmate Sander de Wijn. A complete, modern hockey player who has it all. Please do not show him this, because he tends to get a little over-confident haha 😉.

What are your ambitions inside and outside of the field?

Try to enjoy whatever I’m doing and don’t take myself too seriously.

Hockey idols?

No surprises there: Teun de Nooijer remains to be my all-time number one. I also really enjoy watching players like Marten Eikelboom and Nick Meijer. Finally, for me the best strikers in nowadays hockey are Florian Fuchs and Mirco Pruyser.

Constantijn Jonker



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