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2048x1152Who is Teun Rohof?

I am Teun Rohof, 31 years old, living in Amsterdam for 11 years and playing for AH&BC my favourite hockey club in The Netherlands

How did hockey start in your life?

I started to play hockey in the back yard with my brothers, sister and even my parents. I started as soon as I could walk.

Clubwise I started when I was 6, in Geleen, a small village in the South of The Netherlands, in a mixed team, together with Maartje Paumen

Indoor or Outdoor?

I think they are two different kinds of sports which enrich eachother. In Holland you don’t have to choose because you can play and enjoy both leagues.

Choosing for indoor would mean that I play in a smaller team and I like to be in a big team of friends. Choosing for outdoor would mean I would not be able to play a sport where I am World Champion in, so I will not choose J

What would you change in the sport, how would you like to see hockey heading as global sport?

I think in Holland we are sort of spoiled with so many pitches, balls, cones, equipment. Travelling the world with for exapmle PSI (Pro Series Indoor, initiave of Simon Martin former goalie of South Africa and indoor fan) showed me that in smaller countries they do not even have 1 water pitch. I think for those countries it is easier when playing in smaller teams (like you have hockey 5, 6, 7’s now) would be a great opportunity. I like the rules and of course the side boards. Scoring from everywhere in the field will be an enormous change, but we had more of those in the past.


What brings the future in the club and national team?

With Amsterdam, first goal is to reach the play-offs and go for the Final4 in the EHL.

Of course we would like to win 2 titles, as we lost 2 finals last year…

In indoor I will be able to win my 10th national title in Holland, that would be a nice achievement.

We will play the European Champions Club Trophy Indoor in Vienna, where we will try and reach the semi final.

The national team outdoors is not there for me anymore, unfortunately.

The national indoor team has no tournament this year and we will not ensemble because of the -21 World Cup in December.

Which teammate did you admire the most and the best opponent you played against?

Floris Evers is a huge example for me.

Naming 1 player is actually not fair because I will skip too many where I learned and enjoyed from.

The best opponent was Benjamin Wess, a guy which is a friend and who I admire. We played against eachother since the age of 14.


Most special moments of your carrer?

Winning the World Cup Indoor in Leipzig in 2015.

All the outdoor national titles  (2005 Oranje Zwart, 2011 and 2012 Amsterdam)

All the indoor national titles (both with Oranje Zwart 4, And Amsterdam 5)

Funny story in the club or national team?

We have a card game named “Toepie” in which we play for things you have to do which are not funny or easy.

One time we had a team trip with Amsterdam in South Africa and I had to keep my moustache for one month, and could not keep my beard.

I think in those games you have fun with eachother outside of the pitch but also show your will to win.



Teun Rohof


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