Julia Gomes Fantasia


Who is Julia Gomes Fantasia?

A 24-years-old girl who enjoys to be able to dedicate full time to her passion that is FIELD HOCKEY.

Why fieldhockey?

I always breathe sport in my family, we are all passionate about it. When I was a girl, a friend introduced me to the sport and it was like love at first sight. From the age of 4, and never stopped playing.

Can you give us a summary about your career and how did you start playing for Las Leonas?

I am from a small city called Puerto Madryn, far from Buenos Aires. When I finished school, I decided to leave -Puerto Madryn and go to buenos aires. There I started to train for the indoor hockey national team , with which I could play the World Cup in Poland 2011. Afterwards I was called for the junior team, with whom I played Panamerican 2012, and then the junior World Cup in Germany 2013. Just after , I began to play with Las Leonas, with 21 years. A huge honor.

What does it mean to play for Las Leonas?

It is a great honor to represent my country, and to be part of such a prestigious team, which has won so many tournaments based on effort and humility.


How was the Olympics in Rio?

Despite not having achieved our goal in the sport, it was a great experience. Were my first Olympics, so I will always remember them as something unique, what every athlete dreams, and I hope to be able to participate again.

Can you describe yourself as a player?

 A defender who tries to transmit security to her team, in every ball that she has to defend or in each moment that has the ball in her possession.

Which teammate did you admire the most and the best opponent you played against?

I admire carla rebecchi, noel barrionuevo and belen succi, three great players, who transmit their experience to the youngest in each training and match.

I think Welten is a great striker, with a lot of offensive potential, very aggressive, and it’s a challenge for any defender.


How is hockey in Argentina at this moment?

It is a very popular sport for women, and thanks to the great achievement of the male team at Rio2016, more and more men are joinning this beautiful sport.

Which advise could you give to your younger fans that play hockey?

Go ahead, regardless of obstacles, seek enjoyment.

What brings the future inside and outside the field?

Keep focused on the next tournaments, train to leave Argentina always in the top positions, and to continue my academic training as physical therapist.

Julia Gomes Fantasia


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