Robert ‘Tiger’ Tigges

Who is Robert Tigges?

I’m a 31 year old living in Amsterdam. Working at Bovelander & Bovelander as an account manager for field hockey clinics. Also just started a master study in sport marketing in Maastricht. Playing for Amsterdam 1st men’s team and the Dutch national indoor team.

How did hockey start in your life?

I was a 6 year old boy and very energetic. I already started playing tennis as my parents as well as my brother and sister already played. My cousins played hockey at Pollux (near Rotterdam) and on a certain day my uncle took me to hockey training. Almost immediately it was clear I liked it and I was able to play a good game. I played at Pollux until I was 14, then switched to Rotterdam under 16s. Started playing in the 1st men’s team at 17. And at the age of 24 I moved to Amsterdam.


Can you describe yourself as a player?

I’m a hard working team player who is capable of playing in most positions on the field.

Indoor or Outdoor? Why?

It’s hard to make a choice as indoor hockey is a part of playing outdoor hockey in the Netherlands. I played for the national teams of both, but most of my time I spend indoors, with winning the World Cup as a big highlight of my career! Indoor hockey in my opinion is more spectacular and quicker, more action in less time. But, with all the new rules of a self-pass etc. the outdoor game is also going to an incredible pace.


In your opinion, how can indoor hockey get more popular?

Indoor hockey can gain on popularity if everybody gets involved. In my opinion most countries see indoor hockey as a ‘side-event’. Too gain more popularity it would be great if all big names from the outdoor squads would play indoor as well. For example Germany who always bring some big names to indoor events. This will get more people to watch the Indoor events. Also promoting is a big chance for gaining popularity. For example;

Twice a year we fly out with an all star team (Fuerste, Timo Wess, Benni Wess, Rohof, Tigges, Leijs, Goedegebuure and de Wert) to South Africa to compete in a serie of test matches against South Africa national indoor team. This commercial organisation called Pro Series Indoor (PSI) is hosting events for U11, U12, U 14, U16 and U18 and is also involved with organising the provincial series for seniors, they make so much publicity around it that the stadium we play is almost every time sold out. So, a good example of promoting the sport.

What are your goals either at a club level and with your national team?

Outdoor: Try to win both EHL and Dutch championship as we finished in 2nd on both events last season.

Indoor: Try to win the National Championship again this year and hopefully get a good result in the Indoor club championship in Vienna in February 2017.


Hockey Idols?

Taco van de Honert,  Teun de Nooijer, Jamie Dwyer, Christopher Zeller. But I’m really looking forward to playing with Moritz Fuerste during our PSI campaign in December!

Do you have a nickname?

Tigges, Tiger, Tigs, Tiggy

Who you like to see interviewed by self-pass?

To continue about indoor, Teun Rohof (Previous interview)

Outdoor- Kitty van Male

Robert Tigges


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