Vincent Vanasch – ‘The Wall’


Who is Vincent Vanasch?

I’m Vincent Vanasch… I’m a last year student Physiotherapy. I’m the forth in a family of 5 children. Since August 2016 I’m married.

I’m the goalkeeper of the Belgian National Team (THE REDLIONS) and of Waterloo Ducks. I won 3 times in a row the Belgian League (2012-2014) with Watducks and played for two years in the Netherlands with Oranje Zwart (currently Oranje Rood) were I won 2 times the Dutch competition (2015-2016) and 1 time the EHL (2015).


VINCE PAPALE : It comes from the movie: INVINCIBLE

The wall


Why did you become a goalkeeper?

When I was young I was fascinated by the equipment. So every day, I wanted to put an helmet on my head or wear my legguards. I always needed to find a goal, play with my friends and stop balls.

Also, when I was a chid, my 2 big brothers shooted on me when we were playing at home and I found that great. I have to thank them for heaving learned me not ot be afraid of the ball.


How do you define yourself as a player?

I’m a hard worker, calm and look for the positive attitude in every situation.

My best quality is my reflexes.

Best save and best match of your career?

My best save was probably during a game at Oranje Zwart during the playoffs against Amsterdam. We were 1-0 down in the 3th game of the semi-finals. If we lost, we were eliminated for the final.

The action was on my left side  so I was on my left post following the action of Billy Bakker. He was carrying the ball in the circle, made some skills and than he made a quick pass to Freixa who shooted it in one time and I saved it with a stick diving.

Best match of my career was at the Olympic Games in London against India. We won 3-0 and I believe I made more than 10 important saves during the game. After the match the players were waiting in the changing room and they made a standing ovation. It was one of my greatest moments!

How is your weekly life?

I train everyday but not always on the pitch. I train with the national team on Monday and Tuesday twice and I have a special GK training on the Thursday.

I train with my club 3 times a week on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday.

I go to the gym on Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Depending on the workload during the week, I run 2 times a week or do some yoga.

On Saturday I coach the woman’s first team of Royal White Star Hockey Club and on Sunday I play with the Ducks.

Are there other goalkeepers do you look up to? And if so, what makes them great goalkeepers?

I’m always looking at goalkeepers, not only in fieldhockey but also in NHL/Soccer/Handball… I always try to examine their way of work, behaviour and saves.

I specially look up at Jaap Stockman, he is one of the best goalies in the world.


Which player has the most powerful shot in the world?

I think a lot of guys have a really good shot. Some have a more powerful backhand like Bob De Voogd and some have a more powerful forhand like Simon Child.

How was winning the silver medal and what brings the future for the Red Lions?

Of course I’m really proud but honnestly I can not get rid of the feeling of losing that gold medal.

It’s part of the experience. I know that today we impressed the world with our style of hockey and I’m really proud of us. I want to go further with the Red Lions for 4 more years and who knows maybe 8 and I look forward to other finals and hopefully titles in European cups, world leages, world cups and the olympics !

Dutch competition vs the Belgian competition, differences?

I believe the Dutch league is the best league in the world. The game is really fast and you need to concentrate every second of the game. Players are really skillful and you need to be prepared for the unexpected things! Also the clubs are more professional and players are living for hockey and arrange their life or their work accordingly with hockey.

Plans and ambitions for the future?

My plans for the future are to finish my studies and become a physiotherapist. Than I would like to combine practicing as a physiotherapist with the program of the Red Lions and in Tokyo maybe have the best reward ever… A gold medal !


Who would you like to see interviewed by self-pass?

Shane McLeod.

Vincent Vanasch


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