Gloria ‘Pinkie’ Comerma


Who is Gloria Comerma?

I guess in this interview, I’m a hockey player from Spain, now playing in Belgium for Waterloo Ducks.
Graduated in advertising and public relations, marketing digital and social media management.
Fan of travelling, family and Instagram 😉

How did you start playing hockey?

I was been born in Terrassa (Barcelona) in a family of hockey players, my grandfather and my father were playing, so I did not had much options, my destiny was hockey.

Can you give us a summary of your career?

I played all my life in club Egara, I started at the age of 5 years old. At 15 years old I started with first team. Then moved to Belgium to find another experience. Now I’m playing in Waterloo Ducks where I found my second home.
With national team I started at 2005 to play my first European Cup. After that I have played a lot of tournaments more, 2 World cups, 6 Europeans cups, and some others.
My bests memories are of course Beijing 2008 and Rio 2016.

How is your weekly life in Belgium?

This last year I was finishing a master in marketing digital and social media, I spent my mornings studying, combining with gym and individual physical sessions of national team. In the afternoon I coached a young girls team of Waterloo Ducks and after I train with my team. Now I finished my masters so it’s time to move, to find some job or to go on with my personal projects.

Best and worst moments in your hockey life?

I have spent a lot of greats moments with my old club, Egara. And also now in Waterloo Ducks, last season was my first final in the Belgian championship.
With national I have plenty of good moments also, as I said best ones are always the Olympics and all the atmosphere there. Beijing 2008 was the best moment ever, I was young and enjoyed everything.
Then, logically my worst moment was in 2012 when we didn’t achieve the ticket for the Olympics in London.

Differences between Spanish and Belgian hockey?

That is a question that I answered a lot of times but I’m never sure of what to say. I think Belgium now is more professional, a lot of players around the world are moving there so that’s putting the level high and the championship more attractive.
You never have the 3 points sure in a match.
The players in Spain are more technically skilled than in Belgium, but in Belgium the matches are more physical and open.

Currently, how is female hockey in Spain?

After 2012, when we did not achieve the ticket for the Olympics, the national team has changed the mindset and now we are coming back in the top ranking or at least is our intention. It takes time because all others teams are growing up also, but the goal of Spanish hockey is to be again at the top10.

The national team put a lot of effort on qualifying to Rio Olympics, what is your evaluation about the time before and the competition in Rio?

As a team we have worked a lot, we knew before London we did not work enough, so all girls and staff we took a commitment and we did it good. Physically we worked a lot and that was the big point for us. We never worked like this. Then in Rio I think we did a good tournament, we knew there are teams much better than us, but we wanted to achieve the quarter finals and we did. Then we had to win the Olympic champion, Great Britain, to go forward, and we couldn’t. They played an outstanding game and we were not at our best level. We finished inside the 8 best teams so that was a good result for us.

In what direction would you like to see the Spain going, especially with female hockey?

I think if the national girls are continuing with this commitment , working hard physically, and having hockey as a priority in life, they can achieve more and more. We have an under-21 team with a lot of talent, but talent is not enough to win titles. This talent plus the work of the “senior” team will make Spain go up!

How does your future looks inside and outside the field?

I have been playing a lot of years in the national team , 13 to be exactly, and I think it’s now time to think about what I want to do during my last years as a hockey player.
Outside the field I want to start to do a “normal life”, find a job that I like, or spend my time with my personal projects.

What would you like to ask yourself?

Where would you like to finish your carrer as a hockey player?

What would be the answer to the previous question?

Home, Egara.

Who would you like to see interview by self-pass?

Alexandre de Paeuw 😉

Gloria Comerma


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