Majo Granatto – Young Argentina Queen


Who is Majo Granatto?

Majo Granatto is someone very honest, responsible and committed. I characterize myself by the way I face my adversities and it is my conviction that I always have to go forward! I am also very attached to my family and friends.

Why and when did you start with Hockey?

I started when I was very young. I come from a family which was always interested in sports. When we were old enough my parents wanted us to start playing with a team. My oldest sister chose hockey and then all of us 4 also started to play. I was only 4 years old and I always had to play with older girls because there weren’t a lot of girls from my age in that club. So I always played in the same age group as my older sister and that for me was the funniest thing.


How is your club career so far?

When I was 7 years old, the CUQ (my club at that moment), because of financial problems stopped with hockey and us and some other girls went to other clubs to keep playing. Me and my sisters chose Santa Barbara in la Plata, my current club to whom I am grateful eternally. I played in the youth of this club where we made great things, won a lot of competitions and remember a lot of funny moments and stories. Nowadays I am still playing with my 3 sisters and my best friends also play for this club. It is like a family!

We play the highest division in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and we aspire to keep growing and being in the top 4 so that one day we can be champions!

Some months ago you just become U21 World Champion with Argentina. How far can you go with this generation?

The truth is that it was an memorable experience. We made history. I have a very good generation of players. That was the idea of our Technical Director Agustin Corradini, to make a team beyond the youth process with the goal of being champion. I hope one day all of us can be part of the senior team, “Las Leonas”. A lot of us are already there what makes everyone very proud.

How was the first time for ‘Las Leonas’?

My debut for “Las Leonas” was special and I am very proud of it. Wearing that shirt while playing for my country and giving everything I have inside the pitch has no explanation possible; it is something that only who experiences it knows! Representing your country brings also a great responsibility and you have to take it seriously and with a sense of responsibility.

How does the future looks like? Playing in Europe?

My future in hockey for now is in Argentina. I am fully committed and training with my club and national team. I have great goals for 2017, personal and collective. Probably in the future I will think about playing overseas but that is not a priority at the moment.


How would you describe yourself as a player?

As a player I think I am very aggressive and brave. I love to go forward and to run as much as I can. I like to put a lot of intensity both attacking and defending.

Some people are already calling you the new ‘Luciana Aymar’, what do you think of that?

I don’t see myself in that comparison with her. Luciana was definitely the best player in the world, more talented than anyone else. I am still 21 and there are a lot of things that I have to improve in my game and it is still time to keep growing and learning. I hope one day I can be a little bit like her, for now I am happy to be Majo Granatto and work to be better every day enjoying myself and my current career which I am very proud of.

Your best match or play situation?

My best field play was my first goal for “Las Leonas” in London World League against New Zealand after the beautiful aerial pass from Noel Barrionuevo. Other goal I really enjoyed was in the semifinal of the Junior World Cup against Australia, where with 20 seconds to the end I started the play on the right side with a nice skill and ended assisting July Jankunas for the winning goal.

Who are your idols?

When I was a kid, my favourite players were Soledad Garcia e Luciana Aymar. Now I admire a lot Carla Rebecchi, I love to watch her playing and I learn a lot with her. She is a reference in the team and a great player who tries to overcome herself every day.


My dream is to be part of the national team for a long time and be able to play important competitions like the World Cup. During the process I want to grow as a player and try to be an important piece of the team. Enjoy every day and every opportunity is the goal.

Most difficult opponent to dribble ‘out’?

The most difficult defense ever was Australia. They are very physical and strong in their defense skills. It is actually very hard to play them!

Majo Granatto



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