Arthur ‘Tuur’ van Doren

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Who is Arthur van Doren?

I am 22 years of age, played for KHC Dragons all my life and play for the Belgium national team (Red Lions) since 2012.

When and how did you start playing hockey?

My uncle was a hockeyplayer and introduced me to the sport, also gave me my first hockeystick. We lived only a few minutes away from KHC Dragons. Started playing there when I was 5 years old.

Describe yourself as a player?

I play as a free defender. Try to read the game and anticipate what is going to happen. Usually pretty calm on the ball and try to be very precise in my passing.
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How is your weekly life?

Started working in the family company after the Olympics. A company called EURODAL founded by my grandfather. He retired and I am given the oppertunity to follow in his footsteps.
My weekly life nowadays is combining hockey and work.

Can you tell us something about your club Dragons and the Belgian competition?

I love this beautiful hockeyclub!
A club with great ambition and pride. Amazing atmosphere around the pitch during the games, makes playing so much more fun.
The level of the belgian competition is growing every year. Belgian teams doing well in EHL shows that. It will be a tough and exciting second half of the season.

What about the supporters from Dragons ‘D-Side’?

Our supporters have been amazing and deserve a big piece of the success in recent years!


Looking back to the Olympics in Rio make you feel like…?

Very proud of what we achieved in Rio and with the hockey we produced during the tournament. We all felt that we couldn’t bring that same quality in the final and that is the next step we will need to make in the future. Winning those big finals.

What comes next for Belgium, after the silver medal in Rio?

We want to keep building on our achievements in Rio. We need consistency in our performances if we want to be considered a big team.
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You played now for the first time in HIL, how was the experience?

It has been awesome so far! We have a nice atmosfeer in the team and we are growing as a team every game. We are playing with and  against the best players in the world while traveling through India… pretty great experience if you ask me 😉 .

Favorite teammate and stronger opponent player?

I am lucky to have played with some very talented players over the years, difficult to point out one. Although Florent van Aubel is probably the most skillfull player I have played with.
Strongest opponent also a tough one. An impressive player for me is Tobias Hauke. He has been consistently one of the best players in the world for some years now and was a very crucial player in the German side that became back-to-back olympic champion in 2008 and 2012.

Plans ambitions for the future inside and outside the field?

Try to enjoy this beautiful period in my life and have fun as much as possible.

Arthur van Doren



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