Indoor Hockey is S.E.X.Y.



Hockey - Hallensaison 2018/19 - Bundesliga - Herren - Mannheimer HC v Muenchner SC

I adore the game of indoor hockey… Who doesn’t?!
But I am also convinced that is a fundamental tool to develop and promote the ‘mother’ sport field hockey at a world scale.

The enthusiasm and passion about indoor hockey is currently shared by so many people around the (hockey) world that I feel it is now the time to embrace it’s full potential.
Players, Coaches, fans, supporters, young, old, national federations, continental federations, sponsors, local and national governing bodies accepted and smile at indoor…

Let’s grab this opportunity!



In the era of financial and eco sustainability I also choose to define indoor hockey as a sustainable and complementary sport.
Implementation and development possibilities are strong assets of this short version of the game.
Sustainable because requires less space, less players, less logistics, less competition costs, less equipment costs, etc so basically everything in a cheaper and smaller scale the field hockey. Another advantage is the fact that you can allocate indoor hockey in already existing (handball, basketball, etc) facilities. These are crucial points in areas where financial and water resources are scarce.

The previous is easy to conclude, much have been discussed about it and also FIH considers the need of a shorter version of the game. For the sake of the integrity of the game and a sustainable development, let’s all hope that short version is based on indoor 6×6 and not the ludicrous and dangerous hockey5s proposal.

FIH - Indoor Hockey World Cup - Semi-Final - Women - Germany v Poland
FIH Indoor Hockey World Cup semi-final match between Belarus (dark blue) and Germany (white) (Photo by Dirk Markgraf /

Indoor hockey is also sustainable because represents an important competitive facet in a lot of countries, might surprise you but in some nations, indoor is as important as the outdoor.
We can’t neglect that fact, not anymore. For instance, for several several clubs and countries the perspective of entering or hosting domestic and/or international competitions represents government funding and sponsoring possibilities.
A nice result on a international indoor competition can translate on governmental financial support and other benefits like academic high performance status for young athletes, necessary to sustain and fund players and clubs that are the same in outdoor.
Therefore, this exciting variant of hockey it is not only a nice winter break occupation anymore but also a way of (outdoor) hockey to exist and survive.

The main reason I think indoor hockey is sustainable it’s just because already exists (…) and thrives in enthusiasm and interest all over the world!




I have wrote before about Indoor being such an important technical and tactical learning platform for players.
On my previous article ‘Indoor Hockey, the best kept secret of Germany’ you can read in detail my thoughts why I consider that this 6×6 version with different rules than outdoor version is (can be) a very important playing background for any player.

But this sport can be also educational beyond what is happening inside the pitch, provides an extra scenario for coaches and players to compete and to grow, often indoor tournaments have a high level of time and competitive pressure, with several matches in a shorter period of days.
So while outdoor competitions should remain top priorities, the indoor break always provides a different chance to develop individually or as team.


I could write some lines about the X-Factor of indoor hockey, but these video clips and photos might explain better…

Final8 - 187


Final8 - 91

Final8 - 40

World Cup 2018

Final4 of German Men/Women Competition

Emotion, competition, full stands with paying supporters, pride, amazing broadcasting, diversity = X-Factor?



The first FIH sanctioned tournament matches of Indoor Hockey were played in 1972, so a relatively young modality with a lot to do and to grow.

Also young in the sense that is a fast paced, energetic, dynamic and full of adrenaline game.

Young because adapts, can flourish everywhere, a lighter, shorter and easier to consume product.

Young because can dream and have all the possibilities ahead to do and to be whatever wants to be… So why not the next world big indoor sport?!

Thank you,

Bernardo Fernandes

A very special word for Dirk Markgraf and Paul Hüttemann, 2 fantastic photographers, passionate artists and supporters of Indoor Hockey!

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