Self-pass.com is originally a hockey blog from the Portuguese coach Bernardo Fernandes, a curious mind with a passionate interest about everything related with sports and coaching.

Decided to create this blog to allow a broader international audience the opportunity to share information about field hockey that was previously restricted to local and national forums.

Meanwhile self-pass.com developed into a hub which gatters everything that really matters about hockey, from news to interviews, opinion articles and cool videos from the most exciting hockey people around the world!

Join the community self-pass and let’s take hockey to a higher level!Diapositivo1

  1. I follow the blog on instagram and as a young hockey player I’m truly impressed and inspired to do more practice and keep fit for the season. @ royal_cookie593

    This is the correct statement for the SELF-PASS crew and other in the world
    I am also an selfpassian from India and encouraging others to be a parth of HOCKEYREVOLUTION

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