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Paul MacKinnon – A Story of the Average Player?

  Hi, my name is Paul MacKinnon. While ago I was asked to write something for Self-Pass and I’ve sat on it. I’ve read stories of some amazing people and their achievements and thought “my achievements don’t come anywhere near them, what can I write about that would be interesting?” To give you an idea […]

What would you change in Hockey | Part 3

ANDREU ENRICH (Spain | Former player Terrassa (ESP), Pinoké (NED), Coach Terrassa Women’s 1st) In our sport change has become a constant. Everybody is thinking, criticising and making proposals about the best changes can be implemented, and this process never stops. Hockey has an inferiority complex (Freud could bring some extra light here!) The sport […] – Plan the season, create your own ‘hockey bible’

The hardcover book contains 172 pages, enough to cover 32 matches and 98 training sessions, with a field outline, circle diagrams and room for notes. Size: 200 x 240 mm. Bound with a white O-ring binder allowing the book to completely fold open flat for viewing and writing. The book is both front and back […]

What would you change in Hockey? | Part 1

‘Hockey is a sport in permanent change’ must be the most quoted sentence heard lately, isn’t it? We think and project our game as an open and sophisticated sport; change and innovation are becoming ‘traditional’ regarding rules and formats. This forward thinking that is reshaping the game year after year is sustained by the desire to attract […]

Crown Hockey

Everyone who has played hockey at some point has hit the ball as hard as they can, and this has left many players hands numb. Our hockey stick started as a way of reducing the harsh vibrations felt by all players, particularly in cold weather. Once we started to delve into manufacturingwe realised how much […]

The Field Hockey Game

I am sure over the years nearly every single person reading this piece has played a console sports game. Most likely that is one of the FIFA or PES franchise games, I for one remember countless hours spent playing against friends online or just the computer on a number of iterations of FIFA.   Despite […]

Hockey Manager – Le Jeu

What is exactly HockeyManager? HockeyManager or #hockeyman is a free online hockey fantasy game available here created and managed by me, Xavier. As a player your objective is to predict the game scores of real competitions and/or build the best virtual team. The game is already covering Belgian, French and Spanish national championships as […]

6 Hockey Coaching Teachings from Ric Charlesworth

Ric Charlesworth is one of the best coaches in recent times. If you watched the 2014 World Cup, you probably witnessed an Australian team that deserves to go down in history as one of the best squads to ever win the trophy. The coaching mastermind behind this winning side was Richard Charlesworth, who in addition to […]

Hockey goalkeepers in need of systematised loans for key development?

When we think about other sports and their structuring to reflect and reconsider the status quo in a broader sense, loan deals are something we see a lot more often outside of hockey (to my personal knowledge and experience anyway). And when it comes to goalkeepers, loan deals are made use of to push along […]

Zeke’s glance at Argentina Hockey

(Ezequiel Paulon) Differences between Argentinian hockey culture and European or Australian? In my opinion there are several differences between these forms of understanding and living the game and training. Start from a cultural context perspective, how life is in Europe and Australia in opposite to Argentina. In the first two there is a cultural and […]